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#105: Callouts Called "Call for Submissions" in Various Places
 Reporter:  anna           |       Owner:  andycat
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 the "Callouts" content items are referred to in testing.plumi.org as "Call
 for Submissions" in a few places:

 1. on the edit form for a Callout

 reads "Edit Call for Submission"
 should read "Edit Call Out"

 2. in the portlet (here taken from index) when no callouts exist yet:

 reads "No Call for Submissions yet"
 should read "No Call Outs yet"

 3. in the URL for /recent_submissions

 URL is "recent_submissions"
 URL should be "recent_callouts"

 4. in the page for /recent_submissions:

 reads "Call for Submissions"
 should read "Call Outs"

 reads "All recent Call for Submissions, latest first."
 should read " All recent Call Outs, latest first."

 reads "No Call for Submissions have been published."
 should read "No Call Outs have been published."

 5. in the Add Item dropdown (eg. in member folder for Call Outs)

 reads "call for submissions", alt-text "For a video submission callout"
 should read "call out", alt-text "Add a new Call Out"

 6. the item type is called "submission". for clarity this should be
 changed to "callout" now before feature is released. this content type
 name is used throughout the site in places eg. when you edit a
 "submission" folder name.

 item type name "submission"
 should be "callout"

 Screenshots are attached.

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