[plumi-discuss] help installing plumi?

lotu5 lotu5 at resist.ca
Fri Nov 30 12:00:24 UTC 2007


Anna from engagemedia suggested that I get on this list for installation 

I'm trying to setup a plumi "sandbox" on the borderlands hacklab server, 
but the plumi install is trickier than i thought.

I have zope installed and running, and I can go to 

and see the nice three frame interface, which I'm assuming is the ZMI, 
but I don't see the "quick product install" part where I can install the 
plumi products. also, from the plumi documentation, it says to pick 3 
products, atvideo, plumiskin and pressroom but i only see pumiskin, and 
i just downloaded the latest plumi, unziped it and added its dir to the 
plone.conf and restarted plone.

can someome give me some direction here for setting up plumi?

when i go into the manager interface and try to pick a plone page, i 
just get a page of code starting with

('No traversable adapter found', {u'content': [('version', '1.6'), 
('mode', 'html'), ('setPosition', (99, 16)), ('setSourceFile',

i gather that the plone install isn't quite complete yet?




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