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Fri Jan 16 11:07:10 EST 2009

Hey Suno,

Thanks for the round-up :)

I think this ticket:
currently relates to (3) where the site owners are not involved in the 
transaction between sellers and buyers. It was meant to be a very simple 
first implementation of a donations system - where a user's paypal 
account would be listed in their Author object. Money would not flow 
through the site itself, but be PayPal transactions directly between 
"sellers" and "buyers" - or "producers" and "supporters". Would using 
PloneGetPaid enable the site-owners to take a cut during the 
transaction? This could be useful.

I think #72 was closed (invalid) as it was considered a duplicate, but 
actually differs from #153 as it was trying to differentiate between 
donations for *upcoming* productions, rather than pay-to-view videos 
that have already been posted to the site, or just general donations. It 
was meant to be a way to raise revenue for productions you are working 
on currently. I re-opened the ticket and made this distinction more 
explicit. Actually I just renamed it "Fundraising".

This ticket:
it occurs to me may actually be complicated in terms of running a 
video-sharing site.. for example, as site-owners of EngageMedia.org for 
example, we would not be able to give any guarantees to users that the 
sellers would actually provide the goods, if this was happening in a 
distributed fashion, so developing trust in the system may be difficult? 
I'm not sure. I suppose it would be more workable for those running a 
Plumi site, and also coordinating the distribution of that content on 

Of course we can re-configure these feature requests :) Would be good to 
discuss the various use-cases some more.

It does sound like Plone GetPaid could do many of these things - it 
would be great to see a demo in action, to see how it would work with 
Plumi. We are going to try to release an alpha of Plumi 0.3 for Plone 
3.x next week - would you be interested in working on integration of 
GetPaid into Plumi once this alpha is out? What would you need in terms 
of support/access from us if so?


Suno Ano wrote:
> So I have gone through all the tickets and identified three tickets whit
> regards to Plumi's Ecommerce ability/plans. Basically, this ability can
> be divided into three groups:
>   1) Site owners (someone who runs a Plumi site) get paid e.g. making
>      videos available for download by making site visitors pay etc. So
>      far there is one ticket with regards to this
>      - http://plumi.org/ticket/74
>   2) Site owners pay visitors/contributors e.g. content creators
>      (someone who uploads a video for example). As of now we have two
>      tickets for that
>      - http://plumi.org/ticket/153 and
>      - http://plumi.org/ticket/72
>   3) Well actually, now that I think of it, there might be cases when a
>      Plumi site is used to connect "sellers" and "buyers" without the
>      site owners involvement in the process ... None of the existing
>      tickets reflects this so far.
>  ---[ GetPaid, a Plone add-on for doing Ecommerce ] ---
> I think, for all three use cases, using http://www.plonegetpaid.com
> would be not just possible but actually provide a good start since many
> of the things expressed in the above tickets already works with GetPaid.
> Some URLs I find worth posting:
>  - http://plone.org/products/getpaid/documentation/faq (might not be
>    entirely up to date)
>  - http://plonegetpaid.com/why/sites-using-getpaid
>  - http://code.google.com/p/getpaid
>  - http://code.google.com/p/getpaid/wiki/DevGettingStarted
>  - http://code.google.com/p/getpaid/wiki/StateOfTheGetPaid
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