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#220: Remove Line Break from Indytube template - <object> tag
 Reporter:  anna              |       Owner:  andycat                    
     Type:  defect            |      Status:  new                        
 Priority:  critical          |   Milestone:  0.3alpha - Plumi to Plone 3
Component:  EmbeddedPlayback  |     Version:                             
 Keywords:                    |  
 specifically, this
 has a line break in the middle of the first <object ... > tag
 which doesnt make a different in HTML at all. Thats how and why the
 embedded HTML working on our site. (which pulls in the flowplayer SWF,
 but that is an independent layer above this, and not related to this
 problem at all, it could easy pull in a SWF movie that is a online
 gambling game etc etc).

 This same HTML code, when pasted into other websites, I suspect,
 especially blogging software, is making line break -> "<br/>"
 conversions and hence fucking up the HTML.

 Ive removed the line break , from our _production copy_ on cwood, of
 indytube's template. Nothing has been done in SVN.
 specifically, this
 andy at collingwood:/opt/EngageMediaPlumiProducts/indytube$ vi

 which is where indytube is running from, and the template we are using.

 So this fix is deployed onto our live site, ie no more line breaks in
 the middle of the first <object ..> tag, or any tags for that matter.

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